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Fan: Faith
Faith's Top Ten
~ You know your Jeffrey Donovan's biggest fan when...

# 10.) You see his face in public places (like amusement parks :-))

# 9.) When passing the men's clothing section in your local mall the thing 
that catches your eye is a silky ice blue button down shirt you think would 
go perfectly with JD's eyes :-)).

# 8.) Irate that someone could do such a thing, you write everyone in 
Internet land that has spelt Jeffery's name wrong {ups} a stern but courteous 
email revealing the error of their ways.

# 7.) You've had his face plastered as wallpaper on your computer.

# 6.) You've taken an online acting workshop (even though one couldn't act to 
save her life) and kept a straight face when the 'body positions' section was 
explained :-)).

# 5.) You can say every play he has been in *in order* (including year 
performed) in under three minutes flat!

# 4.) You've wondered if you could find the earrings he wore in "Catherine's 
Grove" at the local shopping center.

# 3.) You've actually *watched* "Catherine's Grove" :-)).

# 2.) When he made the statement "If somebody puts me in something that has 
exposure where everybody knows my name so be it but to be honest with you, if 
I could work the rest of my life and nobody stops me    on the street for an 
autograph, I`m happy."  Well you just know he couldn't really mean 

And the number one way you *know* your Jeffrey Donovan's biggest  fan....

#1.) You've bitten off the head of every Pez dispenser you've owned since 
1997. (Pretender j\k)

And a bonus appeals to you to go on a 'virgin tour' with former 
mental patient Jeffrey into the dark scary woods of Burkettsville.