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Jeffrey Donovan`s Career Timeline 

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High School Theater "The Sting" Henry Gondorff ?? N/A
University of Massachusetts
Theater Dept.
"Loot" Undertaker - Dennis (1989) N/A
UMASS Amherst
"The Merchant of Venice"
Bassanio Fall(1989) Interesting Fact: He Played opposite the actor Liev Schreiber as Antonio
Hampshire College Production "The Persecution and assassination  of Jean- Paul Marat, as Performed by the Inmates of the asylum of Charenton under the Direction of the Marquis De Sade" Marquis de Sade Spring 
NYU`s Theater 
"Othello" Iago ?? N/A
Lincoln Center Production
"Suburbia"  (JD was an under study)
- Buff
(1993 or 
Theater/Regional  "Our Town" George Gibbs ?? Alongside Emily Skinner
Theater/Broadway Debut "An Inspector Calls"
Awards Received: Jane Adams won a Tony for best actress,    supporting or featured, (Dramatic). Stephen Daldry won a Tony for best director
?? Play Opened: April 27th 1994 
Closed: May 28th 1995
Soap Opera "As The World Turns" Dr. Tony Cook 1994/1995
Independant Film "Throwing Down"
Sundance Interview
Awards Received: Goldfish Star, Hamptons Film Festival
Pete Gulley 1995
#1  Review
#2  Behind the scenes
#3  Review
Soap Opera "One Life to Live" Eddington Whitefield 1995
Theater/NYSF "Troilus and Cressida" Diomedes Opened: August 4th 1995
Closed: September 3rd 1995
New York Shakespeare Festival
Television Guest Appearance "Law & Order" Edward Nicodos First aired: November 1st, 1995
Television Guest Appearance "Homicide:LOTS"
Miles/Newton Dell
First aired: November 10th, 1995
Film "Sleepers" Henry Addision  1996
TV Guide Online Review
Television Guest Appearance "The Pretender" Kyle First aired: May, 1996
Made for TV Movie  "Critical Choices" Randy 1996
Straight to Home Video "Catherine`s Grove" Thomas/Catherine 
 TV Guide Online Review
"Skyscraper" Raymond Opened: September 28, 1997
Closed: October 26, 1997
Directed by:  Michael Rego
Play by:  David Auburn
Presented by:  The Araca Group 
Television Guest Appearance "Millennium"
Bobby Webber
First aired: October 1st, 1997
Soap Opera "Another world" Dwayne "Popper" 
Collins (drug pusher)
Oct 24th - Nov. 1997 N/A
Made for TV Movie "Witness to the Mob" Agent #1 1998
Theater/ Broadway  "A View From the Bridge"
Awards Received: Tony for best revival of a play - 1998
Tony for best actor in a play -
Anthony La Paglia - 1998
Marco April 15th - Mid August 1998 Written by: Arthur Miller
Directed by: Michael Mayer
CurtianUp Review
Television Guest Appearance "The Pretender"  Kyle  First aired: May 2, 1998
Made for HBO Film "When Trumpets Fade"  Bobby  Premiered June 27th 1998 on HBO
TV Guide Online Review
Theater/ Off Broadway "Oedipus"
Awards Received: Oedipus won the 98/99  season Village Voice  OBIE award  Dare Clubb won the 1999 OBIE award 
Teiresias September 20th - October 26th, 1998  Performed by: The Blue Light
Theater Company
Written and directed by:  Dare Clubb.
Curtain Up Review
Theater/ Off Broadway "Freedomland"
InTheatre Interview 
Seth November 7th 1998- January
3rd 1999
Performed at: the Playwrights Horizons 
Playwright/Author: Amy Freed. 
The play was inspired by G.B. 
Shaws`s  "Heartbreak House"
CurtainUp. Review
Theater/ Off Broadway "Things You Shouldn`t Say 
Past Midnight"
Interview (to be linked soon)
Short Interview
Gene Opened: May 13th 1999 
JD left end of August 1999
Play by: Peter Ackerman
Directed by: John Rando 
Performed at Promenade Theatre
Things Past
Television Guest Appearance "Spin City" Tom First aired: October 12th
Television Guest Appearance "Spin City" Tom First aired: November 2nd
Television Regular "The Beat" Brad Ulrich First appearance: March 28th
Film Also filmed:
Toronto & Fort Erie Ontario
Red Carpet Night, Live Interviews
Julio Released Date: September
15th 2000
Site page
Film "Blair Witch 2:  Book
of Shadows"
Jeff Patterson Scheduled release date October 27th 2000
Theater/ Berkshire Theatre Festival "Toys in the Attic" Julian Berniers  Opened July 12th 2000
Closed July 22nd 2000 
CurtainUp On Line Review
Film "Purpo$e" Robert Jennings  ~~~~
~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~
Theater/Regional  "As You Like It"  ?? ?? N/A
Theater/Regional "Romeo & Juliet" Romeo ?? N/A