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Fan: Auslander
Art, Poetry, Drabble, and Top Ten
Dark and Light
When I first showed this one to people they thought it was some kind of map, but it is actually Kyle- part design, edge-lighting. 
3D collage, portraying the show The Pretender- mainly Jarod but I did include Kyle memorabilia in there.
You can see th Pez' body here.  I tore the head of like Kyle did. Every thing in and on this collage is a symbol of the show, emotional and physical.
There is the family Jarod never knew.  The faces of the parents, sister, and brother are all cut out.  As Kyle best said: "I can feel them here... but they don`t have faces." Here you can see the head of Spiderman... on the side of the Pex body are the words "I decide who lives or dies."
You are not insane, in a world full of pain
Blow out of town, wonder about destiny
Every day just pretending to have identity
But you don't know who you are
You say you can be any one and anything
You crawl into people's heads and become
Finding your life matters so much
Every week you lend a helping hand
To someone who has fallen in life's grasp
Your search growing wider in length
Wider in lost and found faith, forgotten hope
More secrets to ponder, they never stop
The road stretches more and more
Will it become too much, will they anger you so
That your mind breaks as it falls in
She wants you dead or alive, does it matter
So you shower her with words of mourn
Sad eyes can't tame the wildest of hearts
A tear can't hold the hourglass still
The phone never substitutes a guiding hand
And perhaps you'll find your peace in the truth
If there is a true thing about you to find


“Shadow Lost”

Placing one hand over his chest Kyle stared at the floor in concentration as he waited to feel the familiar throbbing beneath is fingers.  Nothing.  He took a deep breath and held it till his lungs began to ache a deep red, pressing his fingers into his ribs desperately.  Nothing.

A single tear escapes his eye as he releases the held breath and draws in another with a shuddering gasp, cooling his lungs once more.  Every day the same routine, every day the same test- trying to bring to life something that just wasn’t there.  The man with no heart...

Auslander's Top Ten

You know you're Jeffrey Donovan's number one fan when:

10.  You write poetry and do art work depicting his characters (art work specifically about him himself just might scare the poor man!  *g*)

9.  You see him in a Bloodhound Gang video called "Bad Touch" (I still haven't been able to verify that that was NOT him) and in a car commercial (that person did turn out to be just a look alike).

8.  You make a web page on this site for his other fans.

7.  You wonder what kind of a Furson he'd make... (fellow Furs will understand this one).

6.  You intertwine talk and thought of his characters and of him throughout your regularly scheduled day.  Even reading through your lyrics collection to see what songs fit him and the characters.

5.  You know this isn't just a phase.

4.  When trying to recruit fans the catchy-phrase you come up with is "Come and sniff around us other DonoFANs."

3.  You let others think and say they are his number 1 fan, but you know you really are.

2.  You post to the egroup even though there's only one other there who seems to post.

and the number 1 reason you know you are Jeffrey Donovan's number 1 fan is:

You fell first for his great acting and how he reminded you of another great actor (my second fave, in act), then for his great looks.