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Jeffrey Donovan portrayed Kyle in The Pretender

Make sure to drop by We're won't bite, I swear.

"Now I decide who lives or dies." - Kyle



Age: Unknown; but younger than his brother, Jarod, who is in his in his late thirties. 

Height: 6`1 

Weight: 175 

Hair: Black 

Eyes: Blue 

Physical Attributes: Burn scar on his right hand, 
Currently missing a heart. 

Blood type: AB - 

Parents: Charles and Margret. 
Kyle`s father was a Major in the Air Force. Major Charles 
was awarded the distinguished Flying Cross, of which he gave to his son (Kyle) before he was abducted by the Centre. 
Assumed to be on the run from the Centre for thirty plus years. 

Brother: Jarod; fellow Pretender. 

Sister: Emily; Born in 1969, On the run from the Centre with her parents


'Unhappy Landings' -- First aired April 26, 1997 
// Jarod remembers a young Kyle in DSA`s // 

'Dragon House' -- First aired May 17, 1997 
// Jarod learns he has a brother // 

'Nip and Tuck' -- First aired December 6, 1997 
// A mysterious person (Kyle) is seen developing pictures of Miss Parker // 

'Amnesia' -- First aired ?? 
// Jarod remembers Kyle`s first 'death' through flashbacks // 

'Red Rock Jarod' -- First aired May 2, 1998 
// Kyle is redeemed and killed in the same episode // 

'Flesh and Blood' -- First aired January 2, 1999 
// Kyle is remembered by Jarod, who confronts Lyle with 
Kyle`s death // 

'Mr. Lee' -- First aired February 6, 1999 
// Kyle is once again remembered in flashbacks //


Jarod 1/31/68 
Jarod won`t finish a simulation unless he is able to meet with a boy (Kyle) he passed in the hallway - Jarod wants a friend. 

Jarod 2/6/68 
Jarod and Kyle meet for the first time as young boys. 

Jarod 6/7/68 
A young Jarod asks Kyle "Where are you from?" "Do you know who you are?" 

Jarod 8/10/68 
Jarod discovers the flying cross around Kyle`s neck 

Kyle 9/12/68 
Kyle sims the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - a first for "I decide who lives or dies" 

Kyle 2/13/70 
Kyle is taught to hate as he shoots at an image of Mrs Parker. "Feel the (hate) grow" Mr. Raines tells him. Kyle says he feels safe at the 'Dragon house'.


The sinister Dr. Raines raised Kyle from boyhood (in SL-27; Sub-level 27), and experimented on him in order to see if it were possible to feed him enough negative reinforcement that he would strip him of his morality, actually turning 
Kyle into a sociopath.


the Centre; Mainly Mr. Raines, Mr. Parker & Mr. Lyle


After being taken hostage by the Centre once again, Mr. Raines - knowing that Kyle remembers too much - has Kyle readied for a frontal loab seperation. 

Officially released from the Centre *1987*


John Doe -- Name given to Kyle at the prison he was confined 
at for ten years. Prison officials couldn`t find any record of their prisoner; no DNA, no fingerprints, nothing to 
indicate that this man even exsisted. 

All Wild cards -- Phrase said of Kyle by the prison guards; refferring to Kyle`s unpredictible behaviour. 

Prison Blues: With the help of an illusive paper clip, 
Kyle escapes his handcuffs and 'plays' with the prison guards minds.


1.) Pretender {the ability to become any occupation, assume any identity} 

2.) Psychological torture 

3.) Expert Marksmen 

4.) Excellent with large knives 

5.) Ability to stalk un-noticed 

6.) Die hard battery specialist


A) Biting off the heads of Pez dispensers (Jarod told him there was candy beneath the head... he didn't say how to get it though!) 

B) Making Oragami figures 

C) Writing in his blue notebook 

D) Writing threatening letters and making threatening phone calls 

E) Pretending


FBI Agent 
Full time Sociopath 


Prison green, 
Grey Leather jacket


Guy - Bit his nose off his face; (Kyle) said he didn`t like how the guy used it to look down on him. 

Harriet Tashman - Took her hostage twice, both times for information involving his parents' whereabouts. The first time Harriet intentionally crashed the car Kyle held her in. He was injured in the crash and taken to prison where he'd spend the next ten years of his life. The second time Kyle abducted Harriet he hooked her up to a car battery in order to shock her into telling him about his parents. 

Prison Guards - Sent to the bottom of a pond in a prison van with only and inch of air keeping them alive. 

Taxi Driver - Driver was insistant that Kyle put out his cigarette in his cab, Kyle didn't like this so he tied the guy to his seat in the cab, taped his eyes open, and his mouth taped shut. Kyle faced the taxi toward a tunnel ontop of railroad tracks. To complete his terrorizing of the cab driver, Kyle put out his cig on the cabbie`s tongue. Luckily, a passerby found the taxi driver before the next train did. When found, a doctor told the FBI that the driver was "scared nearly to death". 

Mr. Lyle - had his side sliced up by an information seeking Kyle. Also, during a standoff in which Mr. Lyle took Miss Parker hostage, Kyle shot Lyle in the shoulder. The shootout ended in a heroic attempt on Kyle`s part to shield Jarod from an oncoming bullet fired by Lyle. It was there that Kyle lost his life.

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