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Jeffrey Donovan; Recondite Thespian


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In 1995 Jeffrey Donovan made his film debut in an Indie film titled Throwing Down. The film took the top Jury prize (the Goldfish Star) and won critical acclaim at the Hamptons film festival in the fall of that same year. Jeffrey Donovan`s impressive debut landed him a small acting part in the highly controversial Sleepers. Since then Jeffrey Donovan has done a variety of roles, including TV guest appearances, made-for-TV movies as well as notable movie appearances. Just as impressive are Jeffrey Donovan`s Theater credits - often followed by favorable reviews.

His lastest work includes the Warner Brothers release Bait opening September 15th and the much anticipated Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows opening October 27th 2000.

I originally became a fan of Jeffrey Donovan when I first saw his guest appearance on The Pretender. I was amazed at his acting and torn by the story line (a good tear jerker always helps the process ;)). Only after I saw his character's episode (Dragon House) did I truly become a fan of the show.

I would like to give a personal thanks to Faith who chose me to undertake her site. This site was originally hers and I am honored to be the one to continue it's upbringing. All the text you see in red was copied word for word off of her site; I couldn't think of any better way to put into words what she did.

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